Ground Penetrating Radar

        I.      S   Southeastern Locating Services, LLC is equipped with the most top-rated technology including the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). It is our most featured piece of equipment for numerous reasons. It gives us a visual image of the utilities while we’re detecting them. It also allows us to record the locations of the utilities and gives a better in depth detection. If there is any doubt, we will then perform a final scan of the area with the GPR to reassure that everything has been properly located. We are proud to carry these pieces of equipment and enjoy the great qualities in having them. 

  • Standard Utility Locating Systems 500 Series GPR: Locates most utilities and similar targets up to 15’ (4.5m) deep and unrivalled clarity.
  • Deep Utility Locating Systems 250 Series GPR: Locates larger targets up to 30’ (10m) at medium resolution. 

With our 
Ground Penetrating Us Radar, we are capable of providing a broad scale of services for a variety of companies and contractors.

Clay Pipes
Plastic or PVC
Concrete Pipe
Transit Pipe
Metal Pipe
Cable or Wire
Water Boxes
Abandoned Lines
Fiber Optic Lines
Missing Valves

UXO(Unexploded Ordinance)
Bunker Location
Tunnel Location
Weapons Cache Location

Artifact Locating
Structure Mapping

Buried Drums
Landfill Limits
Rubble Limits
High Saturation Levels
Strata Layers
Ground Water
Root Mass
Disturbed Soil
Buried Wood
Boulders and Rocks
Density Changes
Fill Replacement
Unmarked Graves

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