We know what you’re thinking.  

You’re asking yourself, what kind of services does our company provide & how is it beneficial to you? 

Southeastern Locating Services, LLC. is a subsurface utility locating company. We locate privately owned utilities as well as government owned utilities. 

Why is this important to you?  

Most people overlook and don’t consider what is not visual to the naked-eye.  

 That’s where we come in!  

 Let us explain to you exactly what services we provide and why you need to call us to locate your utilities. 

 For instance, if you have an upcoming project that requires any type of digging or excavation, we will come and locate the area to make sure it is safe to proceed.  

   Our goal as a company is to guarantee the safety of you and your utilities.

We know the last thing you want is a delay in your project due to damaged utilities. With a quick and simple phone call we can prevent this from occurring, which allows you to continue your project without any complications.

We provide our services in a timely and cost efficient manner to save you time and money!

Still not convinced that you need to call us to locate your utilities? 

Want to know more about us? 

Check out our company and the services we provide throughout all of North Carolina. 

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